COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Medical treatment consists of inhaled bronchodilators atrovent such as albuterol (or Xopenex), Pulmocort for short term use for severe shortness of breath, Spireva and Advair for long term control, and steroids. Patients during may use hand inhalers during the day time and nebulizer at night.


Additional treatment exists with the use of special inhalers that deliver medications more deeply into the lung tissues with breathing exercises, the chest tapping loosens mucus plugs in the bronchi and bronchioles and postural drainage.


The disease is slowly progressive and limits the activities and quality of life of the patient. The long term effects of COPD result in right sided enlargement of the heart.


Post stem therapy program, medications are given to the patient to be taken for six months. Patients who travel a distance whether by plane or automobile to receive this treatment should have received a pneumovax and flu vaccine within the last three years. In severe cases of emphysema and COPD the use of short term inhalers and prophylactic antibiotics may be advisable to prevent secondary infections because of fatigue of traveling; exposure to secondary infections; and decreased immune system. Eat lots of broccoli and apples that are rich in anti-oxidants.


Treatment by StemCellRegenMed consists of the following:

  1. -> Endogenous pulmonary stem cells are stimulated to increase in numbers by oral and injectable agents.
  2. -> Autologous stem cells derived from the patient’s own blood or bone marrow are given to the patient intravenously. Patients will receive agents by nebullizer and by injection that have been shown to repair and regenerate lung tissues. These will be discussed by the doctor to the prospective patient.
  3. -> Follow-up care: Patients are placed on prophylactic antibiotics for ten days. Oral agents are given to stimulate stem cells for at least twelve months. Patients are seen at the StemCellRegenMed Clinic and/or by webcam telemedicine at regularly scheduled periods.




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